Natural Environment

LUKSURY Designer Scratching Posts offer a piece of nature for your home: playing, romping, claw sharpening, sleeping or just relaxing.

LUKSURY Designer Scratching Posts are perceived as a natural elevation providing safety and overview for your cat(s).

The brand LUKSURY stands for Austrian quality and professional workmanship. LUKSURY Designer Scratching Posts are personalized, exclusive, handmade and produced out of domestic wood in our master carpenter‘s workshop.

Why do cats love LUKSURY?

Cats spend much of their lives sleeping - but they are very picky. Instead of lying on hard surfaces, they usually prefer a comfortable spot.

LUKSURY Designer Scratching Posts consider this fondness for comfort and spoil your cat(s). All deck surfaces are padded with foam and offer plenty of space and freedom for movement - also for full-grown cats. Thus creating a relaxed and comfortable surrounding for your cat(s).

Soft fake fur covers invites your cat to sleep for long hours. They are available in different fake fur designs which will perfectly match your living space.

All covers are removable, washable and available asspare-parts.


Made for your cat’s long life

Solid wood from local woods gives the LUKSURY Designer Scratching Posts stability and longevity. LUKSURY Designer Scratching Posts are extremely durable and solid. In addition to beech, walnut, oak, cherry and ash, other domestic broadleaf trees may be proceed.

This is dependent on the availability of broadleaf trees. The sturdy branches are dried, stripped, polished and treated with natural materials. Such treatment forms a protective coating and are stain-resistant.

Conserves your furniture

A natural behaviour of cats are the sharpening of their claws. Strong wood branches and sisal windings out of natural plant fibers invite the cat to do so. Pieces of furniture and fitments get less attractive for the cat and often remain spared.

Fitness for cats

LUKSURY Designer Scratching Posts support the natural play instinct of the cat(s) - and thus keep your cat(s) in shape.

Various toys made from of high quality materials can be easily hung on a prefabricated carabiner and changed at any time. The carabiner is pre-assembled at your LUKSURY to the bottom side of the deck surfaces.

Each toy comes with an appropriate carabiner. Available here.